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and that, perhaps, could be that [Sep. 7th, 2011|09:29 pm]
sparkling scarlett
[feeling |sure i'm sure]
[listening to |Roky Erickson with Okkervil River - For You]

so i haven't been here in a year.

grad school took a chunk out of me.
i'm finished with that now, and safely have a MLIS. Now my extracredentials make me a MAMLS.

my boyfriend, now fiance, also took a chunk of my attention/time.
he's away for work for a year.

looking back at my last post, i successfully?-enough completed TGAAD. i only made two clothing purchases in the whole year. not perfect at all, but it was a good exercise.

so i literally haven't written anything aside from fb status-updates and some library-science papers for one year. that is ...sad. and now, now i've moved on to other blog hosts.

so, follow my new endeavors here (where i will def post at least once a week), and as part of a collective, here.

sometime in the next year, i'd also like to start a more introspective miniblog on library/literary musings (which may be more similar in tone to my writing for the lj), so if you're in the field, keep your eyes open for a sprite-related handle cropping up.

thank you, so so much, for your support for so long.
see you round.
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my closet for a kingdom [Aug. 17th, 2010|02:12 pm]
sparkling scarlett

so i'm doing (no trying, doing or not) the great american apparel diet starting next month.
i don't really have a clothes-shopping addiction, but i think cutting off this shopping will make me more mindful of my other junk shopping, b/c i can't just buy the thing i went out to buy, or not buy the things i don't need.
if i go out to the drugstore to get deoderant, i will inevitably also buy lotion and snacks.
if i see a "sale" i will walk in and find s/thing to buy b/c it's a sale.
but in the end i just wear the same tshirts.

my most real problem, i grocery-binge.
my freezer and cupboards are FULL of pastas and mixes and cans, and veggies and meats that are probably freezer burnt by now.
i think i should just take a $10 bill to the store to pay for milk and bread and eggs and live off my hoard for a month or two.
(and then start hoarding all over again? i wonder if i should just fill the cupboards with books and photoframes and pretty things, b/c i just want to see them well-stocked. but what if we're hit w/ another snowpocalypse??)

i'm not in any credit card debt, but according to my mint.com account, i consistantly spend s/what more than i earn in a month (i'm not sure if this is due to the timing of my pay checks vs my creditcard payments or what, but when i do the math on my own, they're not that wrong), and since i don't really monitor my accounts, i'm not aware of their steady state of decline.
vs the increase of my student loans by leaps and bounds.

but maybe it's not really abt the money.

i wonder if this is the spending habits of a poor girl gone rich, or the equivalent of dessert-for-dinner-b/c-i-can (i don't have to make the honor-roll to earn that pretty thing, i can buy it now, w/out begging mommy and daddy!!!).

for one thing, buying junk contributes to the production of junk (w/ its emissions, probably unethical cheap labor, waste of resources, etc) by showing demand.

i'm not exactly "hoarding" but.
instead of buying stuff for new projects, why don't i finish some projects first?
what did i even have in mind when i got all those stickers and buttons and lace anyway?

(another conundrum wrt projects: my mother thinks i should stop giving ppl hand-made things [that aren't food] b/c it's mostly kitsch that ppl can't get rid of b/c it's "hand-made" and thus more special than store-bought kitsch that can evtl get goodwilled. she forbidded me from making more felt teddybears after hs, for instance)

anyway, so it goes. no clothes shopping for a whole year.
i'll think about it more while i'm doing it.
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i just read [Jul. 15th, 2010|11:50 pm]
sparkling scarlett
[feeling |somewhat disgusted]

American Psycho in its entirety and wish i had just stopped reading after the first few victim scenes, but didn't, altho i did stop reading Naked Lunch after the first two chapters or so, but i also did read all of Almost Transparent Blue, all of which are books not to be read while eating, so now i'm mulling over the concept, etymology and connotations of pornography and literature, and post-modernity, and crassness and taste and technique, and godthe80ssoundedawful, and wondering why Patrick Bateman should be so explicitly 26 like me (but liking the fact that Christian Bale was also 26 when he played the role).
altho i'm enjoying this mulling, i'm still not sure if it's worth the read, especially if i'm going to be replaying its scenes in my head until i can be swallowed by a different book, which leads to more mulling, and mulling.....
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the solo sandwich [Jun. 23rd, 2010|09:20 pm]
sparkling scarlett
[feeling |chewing]

i just had a sandwich for dinner, w/ a can of coke, while reading.
this act reminded me of my grandmother, when i was a little younger, and she even younger, and living alone in her own house.
i miss remembering her like that.

she never cooked.
the only things i ever knew her to cook were oatmeal, ramen noodles, canned soup, and sandwiches. of very finely sliced deli meat (turkey) and cheese (alpine lace, whose scent made my brother and me gag silently).
she would usually eat out or bring food back for dinner, and sometimes she made sandwiches.
(usually sandwiches were for lunch, but i'm pretty sure i remember them for dinner too)
w/ grapes on the side.
and a can of ice-cold coke. (she had a particular timing of placing cokes into the freezer before preparing her meal so it would be just cold)
usually watching tv of some sort.

so i'm sitting here at my dinner table w/ a book and a sandwich made of leftover chicken and a can of s/thing diet, alone, in my own apt, thinking of my granny when she could still live on her own.

i have no details wrt my grandparents' divorce, but do know that my grandmother was never happy in her marriage, and vowed never to remarry (by which she indirectly cheated her heirs out of a good sum of rich-old-man-money), and enjoyed her freedom fiercely.
she was fierce.
and ate sandwiches for dinner sometimes.
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in one (y)ear out the other [May. 23rd, 2010|02:13 pm]
sparkling scarlett
[feeling |excuses]
[listening to |Okkervil River - Lady Liberty]

it's funny how i learn, yet have trouble acting on what i learned... so really it's like i haven't learned at all from the outside, i'm just more cognisant of walking into my mistakes.
but just because something could have been done better doesn't mean that it was done wrong.

i'm rereading the Unbearable Lightness of Being.
if nothing else, it supports the novelistic world view i have.

if she is redcap or actually the wolf, and which version of the tale this could be?

they stared at each other: would it be a joy to sacrifice my happiness for the sake of yours?
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have i told you yet [Apr. 26th, 2010|11:19 pm]
sparkling scarlett
[feeling |morning run]
[listening to |Frightened Rabbit - Swim Until You Can't See Land]

that i am a batshit genius?

my prowess of paper manipulation is limitless, bches!!!!!!

not really, but i am obviously exceedingly pleased w myself.

there is so much creative energy coursing thru me right now, and it is my new goal to not let it just dry in my veins this time.
i can please what i please too, if you please!!!!
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the walking wunderkammer [Apr. 17th, 2010|12:07 pm]
sparkling scarlett
[feeling |blackhole]
[listening to |Tarkio - If I Had More Time]

recently i've been performing a lot of "soul searching" and self-reflection for various reasons concerning various aspects of my self.

partly this is a scholarly? exercise in delving into my "professional identity" and what that might be, and how so, in the context of my "personal story" (read: homework assignment).

craftsmith, creative consultant, librarian

partly this is an inside-out analysis of my relationships w/ Others.
from the outside-in, am i an Amazing Girl sans scarf but rather w/ a Gap twist?

telling my bigboss that i don't do logic was possibly a great mistake.
poor Newton, however, does not see how these apples make such delicious pies

as a friend put it:
"it is strange to meet such a smart person as yourself who talks so little about so few things. it is v. confusing"
i feel that this is the last great hurdle of my introversion, but don't understand abt what e/one just talks.

for a short in-class exercise, a prof asked us to write our own obits. the 1st thing i thought of was the things i would be leaving behind that my children would rummage thru: namely, my books, and my annotations within their margins.
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cherry! blast! away! [Apr. 4th, 2010|08:27 pm]
sparkling scarlett
[feeling |crossroadsdevil]
[listening to |Sea Wolf - Dew in the Grass]

one of my college friend's fb stati:
Happy easter! or as I like to say, the day that we catholics celebrate bringing zombie-ism and canabalism into the mainstream!
.....interestingly i had just read earlier today about how vampire-hunts were at one pt more popular than witch-hunts b/c vampires are both zombies and cannibals, but sexier, which is way too much competition for the church (ok the first part of the sent is true the latter part is extreme paraphrasing of the church's reaction to 'blasphemous inversion of church dogmas').

had a nice wkend, invovling:

-picnic under cherry trees, involving blowing bubbles and playing catch w/ velcro paddles. the roastbeef arugula horseradish sandwiches i made were also a success, and fun to make.

-falling asleep on a friend's couch at his "bash of the titans" mythic themed costume party after having spent so much time in the sun.

-cleaning out odd ingredients from the fridge and trying out new recipes, such as ricotta gnocchi, which i'm not sure is supposed to taste like that b/c i've never had it, but it came out pleasing enough to my palate. my hands now smell strongly of cheese.

-cleaning my kitchen, then realizing i should have waited until the evening after i was finished cooking, and then leaving it dirty again.

-having an epic battle/scene belonging in an old slapstick skit w/ the freezer.

-creating a vanity/side table out of cardboard and hotglue w/ a friend, then playing ping-pong w/ cardboard paddles and a paper starpop.

-business cards arriving!!! they are so pretty, thank you Caspar!!!

...onward another wk.
one of these days, i'm going to yell at a tourist and make their children cry when they don't understand the concept of "please move towards the center of the car."
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blossom blizzard bash [Mar. 28th, 2010|10:54 pm]
sparkling scarlett
[feeling |not doing hw]
[listening to |Pomegranates - Sail (Away with Me)]

a good dozen ppl came over last nite to re-celebrate my birthday and rejoyce in the coming of the spring and i fed them:

yakitori (x3... teriyaki/wasabi/ume)
portabello skewers (garlic soy)
okonomiyaki style meatballs (THE hit of the nite)
tamago yaki (the eggs on egg sushi, x2.. sugar and shiso flavored)
veggie dumplings w soy/lemon sauce
rice (x2... salmon/greenpeas)
wasabi peas
cherry sake punch (the sake at trader joe's is made in my mother's home town! i went thru 2 bottles and had i a 3rd, i'm sure that would have gone too, but now i know for next time)
various bad beers

it was sooooooooo nice having so much space w ppl on the couches and in the chairs and on the floors, all spread out but mingling and meeting new ppl it was so so nice that e/one got along.
and altho it was a chillier day than the wk had been NO SNOW.

i acquired a new friend: was presented w/ a stuffed tiger, whom i have named san-chan.

i would like to have an evening cherry-viewing picnic this wk, but we'll see how the weather goes, and how the blossoms survive this rain, b/c i know they'd started blooming quite nicely last wk.
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spring sprang sprung [Mar. 20th, 2010|09:53 pm]
sparkling scarlett
[feeling |budding]
[listening to |Florence and the Machine - Dog Days Are Over]

so my routine when i open my browser on my computer at home is: scan news for .8secs, check email, check recipe sites A & B for updates.
if there's anything worth looking at there, i will instantly forget the initial reason i ever opened my computer.
i like food.

it's spring.
forsaking my initial "i'm gonna get some serious homework done" idea of the day, i went out and played Frisbee w/ patrickneil and bought some spring clothes that i'll probably go return tomorrow.

i did manage/am managing to do some spring cleaning afterwards.
really i just want to rein my life back in from the mess that it's been disintegrating into lately. too much on my plate and i can't wrap my arms around it all at once. figuring out grad school on my own (fin aide, scheduling, the like) is turing out to be much more difficult than expected. i'm letting myself down. (if things don't happen the way i need them to next wk.... i'll probably feel like a gimp for the next 2yrs, slowly slowly picking along until an ever unclearer graduation date)

really i've been overextending myself socially these past few wks, and it's catching up to me.

but yay spring!!!!
rebirth and renewal.
it's a flightly time, but i must refocus if i'm to survive to the summer.

check out patrickneil's mixtapes!!! it makes me happy.
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